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Minggu, 02 September 2012

Minri's Day

Today is 02 Sept 2012!!
and the most important is Indriani Viona's Birthday >___<
Happy born day my dear one.. ahahha I knowing her since she was still at Elementary school~
I am already spent more than 10 years w/ her~ How awesome~~
We still being a good friends till now kkk
She is really really a nice girl X)
It must be hard having a friend like me who really moody and crying easily..
So thank you for being my friend even i am very  lacking girl.
Now both of us really busy w/ our self matter..
yeah.. school making life harder *?* XD
She turned to 17th super pretty girl today
and I wish she'll always pretty, smart, nice, and healthy

I am not that kind of person who can tell everything face to face..
so i write this *letter* (?)
Thank you for being my friend...
Maybe sometimes i look like don't care at all.. but i really care about you ^^
kkk.. I am still the same me who always love our Minri <3 p="p">It's nice to see you grow up (?) *sounds like ur mother* XD
 kkk please be happy and stay healthy always..
God bless you my dear one ^^
and Thank you for born to this world..
you may be dunno how meant to be your existence for me~
Keep your beauty smile little girl~~

love, Ren~

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Senin, 19 Maret 2012

I Will Miss You

First, I wanna congratulate you. Unnie chukaeyo !!!
It will be hard for you but I know and believe everything will be okay
Tommorow you will go to Japan so I wishing all the best for you
In different country must be feel so strange but...

Dont stop praying and hoping because that will give you so much power!
Then just Do It! You will make a jackpot in there! I believe in you <3

Honetly... If I were unnie, i will be so nervous and cant sleep well tonight
People called it as future seem so random.. We will never know it will be hard, pain, easy or happy some kind like that,
So Be Strong unnie! I know you can through it all!

And me in here will missing you so much!
Please remember me wherever you are.
I will pray for you, dont worry, and take care your self
Eat on time, sleep 6-8 hours a day, go to church and pray, then give your best in everything.
Good Luck for your future^.^ you know I love you so much
thanks being my unnie<3
We will meet again right? and... will you miss me too? hehehe


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Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

More Than Words

I want to tell something that's more than words.

Dear Kuri unnie,

The one who said want to become my umbrella and sunshine…

The one who said “I am gila”, “malu”, etc in cute way

The one who said want to become a good child of God

The one who teach me a lot of things and I admire so much

The best of the best, one of the angels Who God sent for me. :)

Even I already said ‘I love you’ so many times. I know it’s just a sentence but it also more than words. I can’t remember the day, the first time we started to talk together but I always remember how I feel blessed to know a person like you. Every day I am so happy cause I have a best friend, best unnie, best angel like you. Today I am writing this because I just miss you so much.

Do you miss me too? Kkk It’s already y too long for us not talking to each other T^T We seldom do chit and chat again. I hope we can share our life again and talk about how nice God to a person like us. At that time I feel so happy and peaceful. I will think everything gonna be alright, I will be fine. And it’s all because of you.

Do you still remember my plan list if I can go to Australia? The silly things that I told you before, I still wish that dream will come true. Even we already met on 29th January 2011 I still want to meet you again and do these things together:

1. Go to church together

2. Talk a lot about our oppa

3. Eat Ice cream together ( I still remember ur fav flavor is green tea)

4. Cooking pasta together at the same time listening ‘Listen To You –Kyuhyun Super Junior’

5. Go to Karaoke, scream and singing

6. Go to amusement park and playing around

I don’t know when but I wish it every day, this is become one of my dream. Unnie said God will listen to our prayers right? So I hope Father listens to me and let this comes true someday.

I remembered the past day, the day that I became the awful dongsaeng for you, who didn’t listen to you and kept saying how bad I am. I am sorry… Now I already understand unnie, as you said God want me to be stronger and I won’t be alone. Cause whenever I feel lonely I remember about you, and so many good persons who already part of my life. Even your body isn’t be there beside of me but my heart will not be empty. Always there is hardest time for me, but now I think it in positive way and I must say thanks, since it’s because of you and another too.

Thank you for the beautiful memories, words, and love. I really want to hug you like the first time we met. I feel so peaceful, like a little girl hugged by her big sister. Your Christmas card also means so much for me, THANK YOU. I LOVE CHRISTMAS SO MUCH! :* :* your necklace as a gifted, your songs, your video.. Everything you gave to me I am really really a HAPPY DONGSAENG! I loved the way you take care about me, sometimes you sad more than me but you still encourage this silly dongsaeng. Thanks for everything. I love you! Jeongmal saranghaeyo.

Our stupid love for our oppa, it’s really cute. Every time I remember that we became gila because talking about them, laugh and smiling like pabo. But it’s hurt so well too. Even you didn’t say it I know unnie sad because some of my oppa things. But I still remember unnie said: “i pray for him that he will be happy. i dont care if he has a girlfriend, as long as that girl will make him happy then i will be very happy.” That time I became more admire unnie, that the way to love someone even it hurts. I remembered too I said Teuk oppa should go to AUS then meet you kkk. You said: “ur future boyfriend will be even luckier than kibum“ Then I will tell you the same thing for you “UNNIE FUTURE BOYFRIEND WILL BE EVEN LUCKIER THAN LEETEUK OPPA!” You’re a really good person unnie so you will get a good person too that’s what my mom always told me.

It’s alright to cry if you are too sad, it’s okay if you feel everything so bad, its okay if you feel so lonely but remember everything will be prettier when the time comes for you. I am here and always in your side even my body isn’t be with you. When world make u hard remember I always being ur supporter to make u step forward. I LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS.

I wish u to be happy wherever and whenever you are. Please remember this silly dongsaeng too J Call me everything you want I am here ready to listen to your story and we can share it together and let everything in God’s hand. Is n’t it really awesome? I love you . This is just words but more than words. U’re my special angel that lead me to the right way.. I admire you so much^^

This friendship will never end right? Even we always changing as time passed go by… I hope we can be a good unnie-dongsaeng , always be like this. Let’s make a lot of good memories again. Together in God’s way being happy and sad. Let’s cheer up and be more awesome! I will be better for you so you can lean on me too. I LOVE YOU! This is more than words <3

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Jumat, 16 September 2011

Real Story

Our Hearts for you

As always Today I am missing him again..

Sometimes I felt really hard to wait him like no hope.

But if I don't wait, suddenly sadness comes.

This video already past 2 years ago.. I asks to my self, are they still waiting like what they said in this video..

Until when we can be patient? No one knows. But I want to believe the dream stage of 13.

-Some quotes of our Hearts-

'We're here always believe in you' Dita&dita.

'you're always be a member of Super Junior, everlasting forever.' putri aka puma

'Without you SJ will not the same anymore' deetha&dumz

'Suju in no longer 13 without you' Han Hyun Hee

'Stage are waiting for you. Super Junior isn't be Super Junior without you.' Kibumheechul


"I love you oppa' Anis<3 Sibum

'You can brighten up my whole days. Keep Fighting Kibum!' Kae_niyna

'Without you I lost 1 of 13 my star.' Tiffany

'Waiting is annoying but for you it will be totally worthy to try.' Batwook & Java.

'However We will be waiting until you comeback with 12 other members.' Pihee

'The stage need 13 all together.' Naoka & Yaarr

'for me Kibum is Kibum' Ziuzia & Fitri


Oppa I can't do anything what I can just waiting for you.

I believe you will be back someday. It's okay Super Junior Kim Ki Bum or Actor Kim Kibum cause the boy I Love so much is KIM KIBUM.

Till now Kim Ki Bum is Kim Ki Bum. I know you will do well live well. You chose another part, I know I will not seeing you with their comeback. But someday.. when year by year past.. when everything be all right.. You and 12 stars will be together again.

I Believe it..

The Real Story was really tiring and annoying

I can't say anything again. Just I want you to back even it's really egoist.

Oppa I MISS YOU so much :')

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My Suju's World

Have you ever like something more than your self?

Have you cry a lot because someone?

Have you laugh, and become happy cause a little things?

Have you thinking you very blessed because know someone?

Have you??

I haven't know that felling until that day come...

until i knew them..

My world changed...

Everything like blessing..

My day become colorful...

really like miracle....

like a magic...

I can cry a lot because that

I can smile only saw their smile

I can scream a lot because a little thing

I can laugh only saw what they do

I can fell the pain

I can think once again everything my sadness isn't hard

May be someone will think I'm stupid girl..

and think that impossible..

that's only my dream...

or laugh very loud behind me...

but I don't care!! It's my life!!

Everyone have what they like! So... please don't hurt each other.. :)

If you don't like you can only shut up your mouth right?

Cause you don't know them,, only hear something bad about them, and you said badly things of them..

because *they* are my miracle


They so important in my life..

i never meet them.. i never talk to them..

but i know my feeling right now!

They let me know what the meaning of love

the meaning of family,

the meaning of work-hard,

the meaning of cry-happily,

the meaning of *together*,

the meaning of sickness,

and the meaning of happiness....

I'll share with you all who read this entry*

Super Junior is 13 member = 1!

their relationship is like family cause they are very close each other,, they have hard time together.. and that made them close.. they are not gay!! but they like brothers..

let's start one by one..

Eeteuk-Friendly boy next door

the oldest and the best leader in the "my world". Who always protect 12 members and lead them. gives a lot of love for the members and ELF. always smile although his pain very hard. who said he is in good condition but not in the real. he very cares about another but not for him self...

Heechul-meteor pretty boy

the one who had accident when he was back from mokpo (because donghae father died)to seoul,, and made his leg injured very seriously until there is iron in his leg. he has very pretty face. who teach hangkyung Korean language. he has unique characteristic, but that's his point.

Hangkyung-elegant man with gorgeous dance moves

he is from China. he is the one from 30000 participant who followed the audition SM entertainment. he can ballet and many traditional dance *china*.

Yesung-prince that melts hearts

he is the unique one. ^^ who had chubby cheek. he take care of turtles because he is jealous with heechul had heebum *cat*. he has very good voice,, and made your melted if you hear his voice.. like his name Yesung the meaning is art of voice.

Kangin-Lightweight envoy guardian of the flowers

he has a big mouth^^ ahahha very noisy person, but he reall love the members and ELF.. if someone ask the question "are you have a girlfriend?" he will answered it with loud voice "my fans is my girlfriend^^". although he is very noisy person i cannot hate him because the real he is really good person.

Sungmin-pretty boy with unique cuteness

Sungmin who can made you fall in love cause his cuteness with cute voice too. He can speak Japanese very well. he is very cleaned person and he has feminine side.

Shindong-Pure talented angle

cute ball-shindong.. although he is very fat but he is so cute and very talent. he can dance very well! he is easily to cry if because ELF.. very enjoy and good person^^

Eunhyuk-pure and innocent hip hop dance king

little monkey and now he is become a real man^^ aahahaha X)). he can write the lyric of the song, very cute personality,, his face very innocent and he easy to cry until the another members *mistreat* him.. ekekeke XDD he is very closed with donghae.

Donghae-devilish king of the sea

he really loves his father who are in heaven now^^.. his father had a dream become a singer but because economic of his family he cannot do that,, he ask to donghae while donghae very young.. what donghae dream.. and donghae answer he is only want played and studied... but that day come.. donghae come to his father and said he want become a singer.. his father give donghae money to go to seoul for audition.. and he trainee in sm town.. his father and mother only can pray for him.. and his father died, in sushow he is sang a beautifull song the title is My Everything,, that's song is from his father.. he is really like a little kid.. he had many dreams,, and he is really want become a father :)

Siwon-new Prince of Asian movies

He is like angle.. very good person.. he is very christian.. and his family own's one of Korea's largest supermarket chains in seoul.

Ryeowook-Idol with superior qualities

wookie-cuttie! he is always smile and laugh.. i don't know why.. but he is so cute.. but if he is already in stage he can really very manly,, with very sharp eyes. and that can made many girl fall in love ahahhaa :D

and his very cute personality can made you scream alot.. ahahhaa :)

Kibum-drama world's cold prince

OK! this time for my prince! he is very shy person who cannot express what his feeling.. and that's why i fall in love with him.. may be another person think he is a cool person n cool heart.. but the real he is really had kind heart.. his killer smile is very sweeett!! he is from callifornia US. lee Soo Man,, see him when he is walk in the beach with his headphone,, and LSM ordered Kibum to do audition.. and he passed the audition and went to seoul... bcause he is shy person 3 years he doesnt have friend.. because that he is really love his new familly Super junior.. he want be a good actor.. but he is still the member of Super Junior!

Kyuhyun-the last member 13th, with angelic voice

he is the last member,, the member with devil side eekeeke *only kidding* he is the magnae ahahha XDD

he very like play games,, until the fans give his name gem-kyu!^^ his voice very angelic.. can made you sleep very well with beautiful dreams X)

that my 13 guardian angles!

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Minggu, 11 September 2011

My Mr. Simple I'm Ms. Simple

Today is the last day for them to promoted Mr. Simple

They already done well with all of the performances

As They know how we love them, They give us the best things EVER too :')

They are Mr. Simple who live with work hard.

and I want to being Ms. Simple who live with work hard too.

So much love.. In my tiring days they always be there being the one who cheer me up.

Already 5 weeks since They were back as Superman. They are awesome the way of they are.

Thanks for your work hard for this five weeks.

I will wait for your second comeback..

In my little heart I really want to see Kibum on the stage again.. but It's okay

Everyone... in the end will choose their own part.

You know.. Everytime I see the stage with SJ, I feel there are 13 persons who handsomely stand on the stage.

13 shining stars... the dream of 13... the stage of 13.... I believe in 13 :)

I will wait... Just like everyday I am waiting...

I hope they will be back become more handsome and awesome. SUPER JUNIOR HWAITING!

I love you more than yesterday, and I will love your tomorrow more than today. Thanks being my vitamin.

KIBUM-AH! take care your self being a good actor I will keep my eyes on you :)

My Mr. Simple I's your Ms. Simple :D

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Minggu, 24 Juli 2011

It's Hard

My heart sick so much..

Too many things through my brain..and I think it's going to explode..

I hope that's not true.. but the fact...

yeah I know I am a stupid person...

God please lean me the way...

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